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Jim Leavitt Must Go!

Breaking News!!

Approximately 462 days after this site was started, Jim Leavitt has been fired. It may not be because of his conference record, but ultimately it came down to his lack of discipline, which lead to this deplorable situation, where he allegedly attacked one of his players. While this may be a shock to the rest of the country, the true USF fans are probably not shocked by Mr. Leavitt's reported inexcusable behavior!

Whoever the next coach we be, lets hope he can take USF to the next level!


It is time for USF Head Football Coach Jim Leavitt to move on. He started the program from scratch and I am very thankful for where he has taken the program, but I don’t think he can take us any further. Too many people are sucked in by his “Ra Ra” attitude and his running sprints across the field during pre-game warm-ups, but the facts speak for themselves!

His teams are immature and undisciplined and when things go bad on the field the players just bitch and complain, instead of stepping it up and taking care of business. The bottom line is that USF is in the Big East, which is without a doubt, the weakest of the BCS Conferences. The Bulls should rule the Big East, but if you can’t take care of your Conference Games, it doesn’t matter what you do. Since joining the Big East in 2005, Leavitt has led his team to a Conference Record of 17-18. That doesn’t get it done.

Coach Leavitt has a career record of 95-57, which is more than respectable. Of those 95 Wins, 20 were when the Bulls played on the I-AA Level and 7 more came when they were a Transitional Team. Leavitt has a 3-2 Record in Bowl Games and I love that he has guided the team to those games, however coming from a BCS Conference, the Meineke Car Care Bowl, the Papajohns.com Bowl, the Sun Bowl, the magicJack St. Petersburg Bowl and the International Bowl are not the Bowl Games you want to be playing in. Unfortunately, those are the Bowls you get when you only win half your conference games.

So what will the future bring? Leavitt has a contract through 2014 and the 2010 Non-Conference schedule includes games against Stony Brook, Western Kentucky, Florida Atlantic, Florida and Miami. It would be nice to win those games, especially against the "real schools," but I would rather lose all 5 games and win a Big East Conference Championship any day. In reality, they will probably go 3-2 or 4-1 in those games and if history repeats itself they will have a .500 conference record.

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